Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned - I have been blogless in your sight. Amen.

Ok, now on to the news....

Tomorrow morning, I (clay) will leave for a mission trip with 57 others to Jamaica for a week. It is a 'freshmen' trip - meaning that the students on this trip are either freshmen or part of our freshmen ministry's leadership team. We will be in Montego Bay, and there will also be two other freshmen teams in other parts of Jamaica. All said, there are nearly 180 students on these three trips! Wesley also has five other mission trips going out over spring break - very exciting stuff!

We would covet your prayers as this will be the longest separation the kids and I have ever experienced. They will spend a few days with my parents, and Deborah's aunt Pat from Colorado will be in town all week as well. Once I get back, I will post some current pictures of the fam!


clay for the kirklands

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